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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Well, this has been a pretty wet winter. However, Story Maker has proven to be a very dry boat (at least on the inside). We have kept her busy with an active race schedule even through the rainy season. We've lucked out and not been so lucky. I think we had one race where we were all in shorts in January and another where we were all hanging onto the weather rail in a 30+ knot gust of wind in the BYC midwinters while it was also dumping sleeting rain.

However, as the clocks jump ahead and the clouds begin to part we are quickly reminded of what is just around the corner...Spring! With a lot of the buoy racing behind us for the season, we now focus on what awaits us outside the golden gate. We have a few ocean races planned this spring and summer. Nothing too far, but just enough to test the boat and her crew. Story Maker is looking forward to one of the youngest drivers (Sean) to take her helm in the ocean for the first time. I think she is just as anxious as he is, with both wondering what the call of the ocean will bring.

But first, we must get through another month or so of this wet stuff.

The Big Daddy Regatta

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